a new approach to UIPATH RPA

only pay for for what you use

RPA managed services

the solutions you need, without the bundles you don’t

Neostella now offers per-solution pricing that frees you from the pressures of “growing into” pre-set RPA licensing minimums and bundles. With RPA Managed Services you’ll enjoy:

  • Per-solution or per-consumption pricing options
  • Run-time schedule flexibility
  • The ability utilize current bot processes under under the new pricing structure — without the need for re-work
  • A bursting number of unattended bots as needed, at no additional cost
  • Access to Orchestrator
  • The elimination of the need to purchase license bundles
  • Simplified implementation, maintenance, and scalability
  • All the full benefits of working with Neostella – license management, implementation, and ongoing RPA support.
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