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  • reporting

    Automated accounting processes means faster, more accurate reporting.

  • analysis

    With RPA, your team will spend less time inputting and more time analyzing.

  • insights

    Use your business insights for timely strategy and decision making.

use cases

drive measurable results

RPA software bots can tackle important but mundane tasks associated with accounting, including financial reporting, compliance, transaction reconciliation and tax preparation. Bots can handle a large volume of data and can complete data entry and other manual processes much more swiftly and accurately than humans. The result is a more efficient accounting team with more time to dive deep into your analytics and provide insights that can help grow your business.

  • tax preparation
  • financial reporting
  • compliance
  • transaction reconciliation
  • the challenge

    Quarterly federal and state tax estimates are needed to stay compliant with government regulations. These estimates involve multiple steps and can take hours to complete.

    the solution

    Bots can navigate the multiple software applications needed to prepare tax estimates by:

    • Identifying assigned files
    • Processes assigned files tax software by selecting correct prompts, entering datasets, and downloading client information
    • Uploading and routing client information through document management systems

    the result

    • Improved worker experience by making process less labor intensive
    • UiPath automation saves FTEs that can be amortized over quarters
    • Attain ROI within months
  • the challenge

    Financial period reporting requires the retrieval and consolidation of data from many systems–sometimes across multiple business entities. This typically requires hours spent navigating multiple spreadsheets and can result in the slow delivery of monthly or quarterly financial packages.

    the solution

    The utilization of RPA bots to retrieve, consolidate, format and normalize financial data into one consolidated reporting format. Work that takes hours for a human is completed by bots in minutes, without errors.

    the result

    More accurate, timely and consistent delivery of financial reporting that allows your humans to spend more time analyzing data instead of inputting it.

  • the challenge

    Related party reconciliations are one of many examples of compliance processes that require:

    • Accuracy needed to ensure GAAP compliance
    • Large consumption of employee hours to complete the process
    • Redundant, unenjoyable work

    the solution

    Let unattended bots do the work.

    • Develop a reconciliation process that could be easily translatable into UiPath
    • Utilize bots to automate manual tasks, such as scan multiple excel files from different ERP systems for criteria matches
    • Bots aggregate information and send to accounting manager for verification

    the result

    RPA allows for greater workflow productivity.

    • Improved worker experience through the elimination of redundant processes
    • Process time reduced from hours to minutes each month.
    • Increased data integrity
  • the challenge

    Some businesses deal with a high volume of transactions. Many of these companies seek a more efficient process for reconciling credit card, wire, and other electronic transactions.

    the solution

    Utilizing RPA bots throughout the day to:

    • Download lists of transactions
    • Automatically reconcile those transactions within your accounting sysytem
    • Produce exception reports and alert responsible employee

    the result

    • Timely and accurate data
    • Identification of data down to the penny
    • Infinite scalability as your volume of transaction grows