coordinate complex workflows

UiPath and Work-Relay: A Winning Combo

Neostella is proud to be part of the leading automation partners ecosystem and helping shape the future of work. Let’s talk about how we can help your business become fully automated by coordinating complex workflows and bots for operational excellence.

our comprehensive approach

Automation + Human Workflows

In business environments that are increasingly complex and decentralized, adopting an automation strategy alone likely won’t be enough to gain –– let alone maintain –– a competetive advantage. To achieve the operational excellence needed to set yourself apart from the competition requires coordination across the entire organization. We utilize the Work-Relay platform to help companies digitize and automate workflows from end-to-end, getting the right:

  • Work

    individual tasks and processes are identified

  • Sequence

    the work is competed in the right order

  • Resource

    done by the right person or automation

  • Time

    the work is completed as scheduled and on-time

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