RPA in data management

Streamline Your Systems

Make immediate improvements to your data management systems with the power of robotic process automation (RPA).

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For Immediate Results

Our Neostella consultants and business analysts will collaborate with your team to identify areas where RPA will make the most impact. Whether it’s downloading documents, accessing websites, or verifying data accuracy–we’ll help you develop the solutions you need to process data quickly, accurately, and safely. Ready to start your digital transformation? LEARN MORE→

  • 100% Data Accuracy

    Eliminate worry about the errors that can create workflow bottlenecks or compliance issues. Your robotic workforce won’t let you down.

  • Wins for Your Business

    Easily scalable, RPA allows you to build onto your practice over time, making the value it brings to your organization limitless.

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Save Time and Reduce Errors with RPA

RPA swiftly scrapes data and chains together input processes from multiple systems. UiPath bots are able to download documents, access websites, securely log into systems with credentials, and verify the accuracy and completeness of information. Your bots can manage whatever your company may need to process data quickly, accurately, and safely.

  • compliance
  • financial reporting
  • employee onboarding
  • The Challenge

    Obtaining, verifying, and/or inputting data often requires employee access to multiple systems simultaneously, copying and pasting information throughout the process. It can be clunky, cumbersome work with a high risk for error. Neostella can help you create time saving solutions for your data management systems with RPA that improve:

    • Valuable employee time lost accessing the needed information and ensuring the desired data is put into the right fields
    • Inefficient, non-user friendly processes
    • Time spent waiting for websites to load and navigating both internal and external systems for data extraction
    • Potential for errors in managing secure data, or being data security compliant


    The Solution

    Utilize UiPath bots to scrape information and chain together input processes regardless of the number or type of systems to improve data management. Bots can either work alongside your employees to help complete processes set off by user events, or can work unattended to prepare data for any manual work that may still need to be performed.


    The Results

    Integrating RPA into your compliance processes can:

    • Reduce error and risk of compromising sensitive information
    • Streamline manual workflows to improve overall efficiency
    • Increase employee satisfaction
    • Lead to quick wins and a higher ROI for your business
  • The Challenge

    Businesses are required to submit financial reports to remain compliant with federal and state regulations. When done manually, preparing these reports takes several steps and requires information across multiple sources, making it a time consuming and error prone process.


    The Solution

    RPA in financial reporting ensures data accuracy for a cleaner, faster process by:

    • Navigating data and spreadsheets
    • Extracting and importing data into reports
    • Sending reports to the appropriate parties


    The Results

    Financial reporting will no longer be an extensive process with RPA. You will see benefits like:

    • Improved worker experience by making the reporting process less labor intensive
    • Better accuracy and less compliance issues
    • Quicker reporting time for better insights and decision making
  • The Challenge

    For many organizations, the process of onboarding is highly manual and very time consuming. From the employment application to new hire paperwork, the amount of labor required can be daunting, often requiring some back and forth among relevant parties to obtain complete and accurate information.


    The Solution

    Deploy RPA attended and/or unattended bots to:

    • Read and extract data from applications and onboarding paperwork
    • Attach and send forms via email
    • Assist in the completion of data transfer


    The Results

    Use RPA in your HR department for employee hiring and onboarding to experience:

    • Improved worker experience by making the onboarding process less labor intensive
    • More employee time for strategic and analytical work
    • The ability to scale up or down to keep pace with demand