rpa data reconciliation

Use Your Resources Effectively

Leverage UiPath bots to execute data reconciliations for you, so your employees can devote more time to higher level work.

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When Bots Do the Boring Stuff

Done manually, data reconciliation can be time-consuming, prone to human error, and is simply not fun to do. Data reconciliation consumes a valuable resource, time. With employee time spent completing repetitive tasks, like data validation and transaction reconciliations, rather than the high-ROI work only a human can do. Ready to free your team of the tasks that slow them down? LEARN MORE>

  • More Time

    Your robotic workforce takes on repetitive tasks, freeing up your valuable human workforce.

  • High Impact Work

    Your team has time to shift their attention to analytical and strategic work that only humans can accomplish.

  • Effective Organization

    Employees focused on higher-level, strategic work translates to big wins for your organization.

use cases

RPA for Data Reconciliation

Many organizations are required to reconcile bank and other financial transactions against an ERP or other operating system on a frequent–sometimes daily–basis. Neostella can help you implement custom RPA solutions that allow you to reallocate many of these types of tasks from your human workforce to a robotic workforce, so you can improve accuracy, compliance, and happy employees.

  • bank reconciliation
  • related party transaction reconciliation
  • The Challenge

    Reconciling bank transactions can be a highly repetitive manual task, especially if there is a large volume of data. With larger volumes of bank data to reconcile, the risk of entry error increases, which can cause delays.


    The Solution

    Implement RPA bots to complete bank reconciliation tasks, while maintaining accuracy for compliance and reducing time spent on manual tasks. Bots can:

    • Run criteria matches
    • Input data to your ERP and other systems
    • Aggregate and send information for employee verification


    The Result

    RPA bots complete data validation and reconciliation tasks at an incredible pace, thus keeping your employees free to work on non-repetitive, higher level work. This results in faster turn around, a higher degree of accuracy, and more satisfied team members. More specifically:

    • RPA bots complete repetitive transaction reconciliations more efficiently
    • More strategic allocation of your employee workforce
    • Data quality guaranteed
  • The Challenge

    Many publicly traded companies are responsible for managing related party transaction reporting, a slow manual process. Accountants manually pull the most up-to-date reports from each of their ERP systems, and then compare those reports against a master list of related parties, sometimes taking days to complete each month.


    The Solution

    Deploy RPA bots to assist in transactional data reconciliation by:

    • Streamlining the process with ERP reports set up to automatically funnel into one central inbox
    • Assigning bots to gather reports and compare them to related parties lists
    • Outputting the match report in a fully customized format


    The Results

    Enjoy the benefits of transactional data reconciliation, like:

    • A better employee experience by making the reconciliation process less intensive
    • A shorter process time that can also be completed more frequently