How work-relay works

Solutions That Cut Through Complexity

building solutions with Work-Relay

Three Easy to Use Tools

Work-Relay provides the structure needed to coordinate all of the elements of your complex business processes with three easy to use components that together create one set of data for planned, active and completed work. This «operational system of record» provides:

  • Audit-ability, transparency, and accountability
  • Common metrics tracking across the organization
  • Standardized reporting
  • Real-time operational visibility
  • Solution Studio

    Solution Studio provides a consistent way to map workflows of any complexity

  • User Console

    One place for workers to manage all their tasks, from one place

  • Mission Control

    Provides a birds-eye view of all work done across the organization

create structure

Define the Units of Work

Work-Relay’s intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) software provides a framework for visualizing and organizing processes and workflows. Both functional and easy-to-use, Work-Relay’s system is structured around units of work that consist of four elements that we refer to as «WSRT»:

  • Work: Establishes the deliverable
  • Sequence: Identifies dependencies
  • Resource: Identifies the responsible party
  • Time: Establishes expected duration to completion

These units of work fall into three types

  • Human

    Work that requires approvals, decision-making, etc.

  • Automation

    High volume predictable work that RPA bots handle

  • Systems

    «Communicates» with any apps or systems throughout the process

coordinating processes with work-relay

Simple Workflow Example

The Work-Relay framework’s customizable format  coordinates workflows across multiple departments, automations, and systems so all relevant steps  occur in a timely and organized manner. Here is an example of how Work-Relay helps move “units of work” through an organization.



the Work-Relay approach

Solutions to Common Business Challenges

Break free from the challenges that prevent your organization from achieving operational excellence. With Work-Relay, organizations can more effectively plan, manage, and execute workflows, eliminating many common operational «speedbumps» including:

Complex Operations

Systematize and scale complex operations, bring process management discipline to repetitive projects, and rapidly build end-to-end solutions using a single agile business operations management platform – without code, and without Salesforce expertise.


Legacy Systems

Work-Relay has the proven ability to migrate legacy business processes to a modern, elegant, business-friendly environment. The Work-Relay framework not only accommodates the functionality provided by these legacy systems but also gives users a guided approach to structuring work.


Project Visibility

There is much more to managing complex processes than simply workflow automation. There are, for example, different process topologies to consider, the ability to create end-to-end processes on-the-fly and the ability to handle many-to-many process interdependencies.


Internal Operations

Move process, project, case, and task management systems to Work-Relay to unify disconnected work. Outdated solutions and templates can become bloated, inconsistent, and error-prone. Work-Relay uses a modular architecture that manages dynamic projects with ease.