RPA For Insurance

Stay Ahead of the Curve With Automation

Harness the power of RPA and react quickly to the increasing demands of policyholders, agents, and partners by providing fast, transparent, and multi-channel experiences.

rpa solutions for the insurance industry

Customized to Your Insurance Business

With RPA you can automate many processes within the insurance workflow, and our team of analysts and developers can help you determine which processes will drive the greatest results for your unique business. Some common RPA use cases in the insurance industry include:

  • 43% Of Insurance Industry Processes

    Almost half of regular insurance industry processes can be automated with RPA.

  • 30% Cost Savings

    Estimated operational cost savings when utilizing RPA.

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With RPA for Customer Facing and Internal Systems

Whether you choose to streamline your operations behind the scenes with smoother claims processing workflows, insurance underwriting, or productivity of your customer contact center agents, we can help you develop solutions to achieve your goals. Here are a few examples of RPA for insurance use cases.

  • contact center
  • claims processing using RPA
  • The Challenge

    Missed upsell opportunities

    • Customers frequently hold policies with multiple companies for their various insurance needs
    • Agents are required to navigate additional screens and/or applications to determine if the upsell opportunities exist.

    The Solution

    Utilize Robotic Process Automation to prompt contact center agents with questions and scripts

    • Bot scans customer files for policy purchase data and identifies upsell opportunities based on data-driven rules
    • Agents are prompted with scripts or questions to present to customers to inform them of additional product availability.

    The Result

    Easily capitalize on existing customer opportunities, like:

    • Customer convenience and cost savings when policies are bundled under one company.
    • Easily generate additional revenue when opportunities are presented to customers during calls.
  • The Challenge

    Speed up overall claims processing times

    • The existing OCR program was faulty and unreliable, causing agents to manually review nearly every single document.
    • The core IT system was no longer allowing access to their coding in order to build custom processes and shortcuts.

    The Solution

    Utilize Document Understanding to process standard industry forms including 837 and CMS1500

    • Forms are received and read by bots
    • PDF for each attachment generated and sent in an individual email.
    • Bots store emails in the same folder as the original file.

    The Result

    With RPA you will see shorter claims processing times and improved accuracy for better efficiency, customer experience, and reduced costs associated with compliance issues. You will experience:

    • Improved claims processing times and reduced waiting times for claimants.
    • Reduction of data entry error rates.