end of life schedule

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

This End of Life Schedule for Work-Relay (“Schedule”) is incorporated by reference into Neostella’s Work-Relay Master Services Agreement (“MSA”). Any capitalized terms not defined in this Schedule have the definitions in the MSA.

  1. Supported Versions: For in-market versions of Work-Relay (each, a “Major Version“), Neostella will support the Major Version presently available on Salesforce AppExchange (“Current Major Version“) and two (2) previously announced, earlier versions (“Prior Major Versions“). Each Major Version includes all Minor Versions and Patches (as each term is defined in Neostella’s Version Maintenance Terminology listed below). Currently, Neostella does not intend to announce and make available more than one (1) Major Version during any given twelve-month period.
  2. Major Versions: The below table lists all of the Major Versions and if they are currently supported:

Major Version Release Year Current Status
7 2023 Supported (Current Major Version)
6 2022 Supported (Prior Major Version)
5 2021 Supported (Prior Major Version)
4 2020 Unsupported
3 2019 Unsupported
2 2018 Unsupported
1 2017 Unsupported

3. Version Maintenance Terminology.

Numbered Element Example Description
Major Version number (7.1.0) This number increases when there are substantial changes in our code, such as adding a new feature or functionality.
Major feature changes.
Number limit from 0-99
DOES start the maintenance clock.
Minor Version number (7.1.0) This number increases for minor enhancements that normally do not substantially change the user’s interaction with the software; administrative changes, and/or implementing bug fixes.
Minor feature change release.
Number limit from 1-99
Does NOT start the maintenance clock.
Patch number (7.1.0.) This number increases for releases of a packaged version that contains backwards-compatible bug fixes only. This number is automatically increased by the system when you create a new build (package).
Number limit from 0-9999
Does NOT start the maintenance clock.

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