RPA for non profits

Digital Transformation for More Impact

Streamline your organization using robotic process automation to make more time for your core purpose.

RPA for non profit organizations

Making the Process Easier for Everyone Involved

RPA utilizes software robots to integrate and mimic human actions within digital systems. For nonprofits, this can be as simple as moving data to the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs, or as cutting-edge as using machine learning algorithms to predict donor behavior. Whether your nonprofit organization chooses to start with one RPA process or jump in with a large-scale RPA practice, Neostella can help create the right solutions for your business with digital transformation. View our nonprofit industry one-pagerLEARN MORE→

  • Donors

    Faster recognition and delivery of important tax documents, like donation acknowledgement letters, lets your donor know they are valued, so they continue to support your organization.

  • Administrators

    RPA streamlines accounting, reporting, and compliance tasks so you can focus on important objectives — like fundraising and donor relations.

  • Recipients

    Automation makes the process of requesting aid faster and easier so you get the assistance you need quickly.

RPA use cases for non profits

RPA Helps Get Money Into the Hands That Need It

Neostella is a certified UiPath implementation partner with the knowledge and experience to develop the right RPA solutions for your organization. We know that each non profit organization’s employee works hard, day in and day out, to help your noble cause. With robotic process automation Neostella can digitally transform your organization, so your employees can focus on the reason your organization was made in the first place, to make the world a little better than it was. Use RPA bots to take care of processes for you, like 501c3 tax donation acknowledgement letters, applications, reporting, and security compliance.

  • donation tax receipts
  • application processing
  • reporting and compliance
  • The Challenge

    Many nonprofit organizations rely on a human workforce to manually compile and send 501c3 acknowledgement confirmations to their donors. The process takes up valuable time that could be better utilized on higher impact work like nurturing donor relationships.

    The Solution

    Build an RPA infrastructure for your non profit that utilizes bots to:

    • Extract donation transaction data
    • Autofill data into donation acknowledgement letter with 501c3 receipt
    • Mail merge and print letters


    The Result

    Experience the benefits of digitally transforming your non profit using RPA, including:

    • Timely acknowledgement and delivery of receipts for donor convenience
    • Organization completes regulatory compliance processes quickly and accurately
    • More employee and volunteer time spent raising funds and nurturing donor relationships
  • The Challenge

    Ensuring that the money raised by your organization gets into the right hands is just as important as the fundraising itself. Processing data into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and verifying applicant data can be a tedious and time consuming manual process that grows more costly as need and application volume rise.

    The Solution

    Utilize RPA bots to:

    • Extract data from assistance applications and input that data into your ERP
    • Open and scrape email responses for applicant data verification, such as employment status
    • Forward data to the appropriate party based on verification


    The Result

    With RPA your non profit organization:

    • Can keep pace with the demand for assistance when there is an uptick in need without hiring
    • Ensures that funds are made available to verified applicants in a timely manner
    • Helps maintain accurate data
  • The Challenge

    Generating the financial reports that are needed for data reconciliation manually is labor intensive, slow, and prone to human error. This can cause budgeting and regulatory compliance issues for non profits.

    The Solution

    Neostella can help you develop more efficient and accurate reporting systems with RPA. For example:

    • Extract data from forms to input into spreadsheets or generate new reports
    • Manipulate data within spreadsheets and cross reference the data for accuracy


    The Result

    Digitally transforming your reporting and compliance processes with RPA will result in:

    • More accurate data for reporting
    • Ensured compliance
    • More effective budgeting