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Press Announcement: Neostella Enters Managed Services Partnership With UiPath

Neostella announced an enhanced partnership with UiPath to bring managed services to the midmarket business segment.

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Press Announcement: Neostella Enters Agreement to Acquire Work-Relay

Neostella has signed an agreement to acquire Chicago, IL-based Work-Relay, a next-generation Business Process Management software that provides cloud-based workflow automation capabilities.

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staying cybersafe in a digital age

Cybersecurity is interlaced with an organization’s digital transformation strategy. Read more for some considerations on staying cybersafe.

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why your organization should care about low-code/no-code tools

Learn why low- and no-code tools can be an integral part of your organization’s hyperautomation strategy.

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achieving operational excellence with Work-Relay and Neostella

Project management is extremely important, requiring the right partner and tools. Learn more about achieving excellence with Work-Relay and Neostella.

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importance of a clear hyperautomation strategy

Wondering how to lay the groundwork for an effective hyperautomation strategy? Read some considerations for success.

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7 examples of hyperautomation in manufacturing

Looking to streamline your manufacturing organization? Consider these 7 hyperautomation solutions.

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task & process mining: the best tools in your rpa toolbox

Knowing where to begin on your automation journey can be daunting. Prepare yourself with these process discovery tools.

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improved customer service with rpa in contact center

Customer satisfaction is a growing concern in the contact center. Find out how the customer service experience can be reimagined with automation.

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transforming the mortgage industry with automation

Mortgage processes are time-consuming and tedious. Learn how automation can revolutionize your mortgage operations with some example use cases.

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rpa monitoring tool for long-term success

Staying on top of your automations is a full-time job but with Neostella’s RPA monitoring service, it doesn’t have to be.

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pre-built rpa solutions for mortgage & title

Looking to make your mortgage operations more efficient? Consider our pre-built solutions designed with you in mind.

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Neostella earns UiPath diamond partner status

Neostella is proud to share that we have joined an elite group of companies in the Americas who are both UiPath Service Network Certified and a Diamond Partner.

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knowledge is power: gartner on process mining 

What if you could identify and address potential issues in your organization proactively? Read our summary of Gartner’s Market Guide to Process Mining, a tool designed to do just that.

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the potential for rpa in finance and accounting

Considering automation in your finance and accounting firm? Discover 3 reasons to hop on the automation bandwagon.

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