RPA Monitoring Service

Free for All UiPath Customers

Neostella’s complimentary RPA monitoring service helps identify potential issues before they impact your business, saving you valuable time and resources.

a successful rpa practice

In Four Simple Steps

Keeping up with changing business practices requires adopting a proactive RPA strategy. Our custom UiPath activity can be utilized in any RPA process, collecting data about your automations and then sending that data to Neostella’s monitoring platform. You determine the alerting thresholds meaningful to your business—minimizing the “white noise” of unnecessary alerts and gaining the insights and data needed to make strategic decisions. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 — 4:

  • Decide

    Select the job events and/or robot events you want to monitor 

  • Collect

    The Neostella Monitoring Platform gathers data from your automations.

  • Review

    Review alerts via email, Teams or Slack according to your pre-set rules 

  • Act

    Determine if action or intervention is required 

for all uipath customers

Available Complimentary

We are so committed to the long-term RPA success of all UiPath customers that our unique monitoring platform is available complimentary, regardless of your UiPath partner of record. Watch this short video to see how it works.

RPA Monitoring Benefits

Spend Time Scaling – Not Fixing – Your RPA

  • Process-by-process RPA monitoring
  • Custom reporting thresholds so you will only receive essential alerts, minimizing unnecessary notifications 
  • Determine which issues will resolve on their own so that you can allocate your resources accordingly
  • Offers insights that will help guide your long-term strategic planning and decision-making 
  • Makes the most of your UiPath RPA investment  
  • Cost Savings

    Create significant, long-term savings by addressing issues before they become problematic

  • Convenience

    Set the parameters and wait until intervention is necessary—or not.

  • Successful Implementation

    We’ll help you isolate inefficiencies and iron out the kinks sooner rather than later.