5 Benefits of RPA Managed Services

June 8, 2023



In a post-COVID world, businesses of all sizes are increasingly seeking a solution that can meet their rapidly growing operational needs. In response, Deloitte Global Survey reports that 53% of respondents have turned to robotic process automation, with a further 19% planning to adopt RPA in the next two years. However, organizations can face difficulties when implementing and maintaining RPA due to its infrastructural and financial demands.

RPA Managed Services not only helps overcome these challenges, but also does so while bringing in the added benefits of scalability, improved accuracy, and greater efficiency. With Neostella’s RPA MSP, businesses can reap the full benefits of RPA at an economical price. Keep reading for five ways you can benefit from Neostella’s managed services.

5 Ways Your Business Benefits from MSP for RPA

1. Focus on core business

MSP for RPA enables your teams to focus on what you do best, no matter what industry you’re in. RPA managed services free up internal resources and streamline workflows, allowing focus to remain on core activities that drive growth.

2. Lower cost to adopt

The aforementioned survey by Deloitte also revealed that 37% of organizations said their expectations of the cost to implement RPA were not met. While RPA implementation cost may present as a barrier to its adoption for many organizations, Neostella’s RPA MSP provides a cost-effective solution with savings of up to 60%. Get the unattended bots you need, while only paying for what you use—read more about our two pricing models here.

3. Scalability

The innovation-oriented approach of MSP allows for seamless scalability. Easy scaling of your automation initiatives ensures that your business is constantly improving and adaptable for the future.

4. Gain expert experience

Neostella’s managed services can bring RPA expertise to businesses with little to no experience. We will partner with your team to deliver innovative solutions that meet the demands of your business, including:

  • License management
  • Documentation
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing support

5. Faster time to go live

A study done by PwC shows that implementing an RPA project often takes 4-6 months instead of the expected 4-6 weeks. Working with Neostella’s team of experts reduces the roll out process so you can start benefitting from your bots in no time.

Start Benefitting from RPA Managed Services

Neostella RPA Managed Services make robotic process automation accessible to more businesses than ever before, allowing both new and existing customers to reap the benefits of automation bots. Benefits include expert implementation and maintenance, reduced cost and go-live time, and increased focus on core business initiatives.

To learn more about getting started with Neostella’s RPA Managed Services and our different pricing models, contact us today.