RPA Monitoring for Long-Term Success

January 31, 2022



Real-Time Monitoring of RPA Bots

Today’s digital-first world demands that businesses have a plan for everything: from offering remote work capabilities for employees and virtual options for customers, to simplifying business processes that were previously handled all in-person.  

Phrases like automation, AI, workflow automation, and software robots are constantly being tossed around, and if businesses have not already test driven the automation waters, they are likely making plans to do so sooner rather than later.  

According to a recent study, 75% of executives predict that RPA will disrupt their industry throughout 2022.

Spend Time Scaling, Not Fixing, Your RPA

Helping our customers make the most of their RPA investment is our top priority, which is why we have been working behind the scenes to offer tools to complement any RPA practice. Along with our prebuilt mortgage solutions utilizing UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA), our new monitoring tool will help ensure your RPA service is a well-oiled machine.

How the Monitoring Service Works

Like a washing machine humming in the background, the monitoring service works behind the scenes to collect data specific to job and/or robot events and parameters that you set.

This data is then sent to Neostella’s Monitoring Platform, which in turn generates alerts so that you can determine if action or intervention is necessary. Alerts can be sent via email, Teams, or Slack. Because the monitoring service is based on highly customizable alerting thresholds you choose that are meaningful to your business, you do not have to worry about unnecessary notifications.

The monitoring service can alert you when:

  • Bots are unresponsive
  • A process fails
  • A process is scheduled, but fails to run
  • A process does not meet business objectives

The RPA monitoring tool is complimentary for all UiPath customers regardless of your partner of record.

Best Practices for RPA Monitoring and Alerting

While a washing machine runs without interruption once you push the start button, there is still someone that must attend to the loading and unloading of the clothing. This is because there is a human component to everything no matter how automated the tool or process is.

Similarly, the monitoring service might operate without interruption with set parameters, but in the event an alert comes in, it’s important to have an assigned team to routinely check these alerts, as well as a plan in place to address any issues. This is where having a Center of Excellence (CoE) is so valuable to ensuring the long-term success and scalability of your automation strategy.

Ultimately, without proper maintenance and care, hidden interruptions and issues can pop up and eat away at your ROI. With the RPA monitoring service minimizing these surprise interruptions, your organization can allocate resources strategically.

Benefits to RPA Monitoring Service

The RPA monitoring tool will help ensure that your automations are running at optimum efficiency. However, it can also unlock the potential for scaling your automation practice by shifting organizational focus from reactive to proactive. 60% of organizations report that suboptimal ROI caused by the need to “fix” impedes their overall ability to scale.

In addition to opportunities for scalability, with the monitoring service:

  • Avoid investing unnecessarily and focus on the future
  • Make more strategic decisions enterprise-wide
  • Have access to real-time data and metrics for ongoing healthy automations

Reach out to us to integrate Neostella’s RPA Monitoring tool with your existing or new RPA service.