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Únase a los expertos de la industria de Neostella para que le expliquen las ideas, herramientas y estrategias que necesita para sacar el máximo partido a su inversión en hiperautomatización.

august 11 | 11 am CDT

how to eliminate SOBs that are slowing work down

turn points of failure into opportunities for improvement

Every organization has them. No one likes them. Surprises. Obstacles. Barries. In our last session, «Getting Ahead of the Recession with Hyperautomation», we talked about these SOBs (or points of failure)which can prevent companies for achieving the operational excellence needed to survive and thrive during challenging economic climates.

In our next webinar on Thursday August 11, Work-Relay CEO Kramer Reeves will take us a step further, demonstrating with demos and a real-life use case exactly how Work-Relay coordinates all the pieces of complex processes –– people, data, and technologies –– to create maximum operational efficiency. Neostella Director of Channel Management will then drawing from actual customer use cases to highlight when and how neostella has helped companies implement and utilize miltiple technologies –– BPMS, iPaaS, and RPA to name a few –– to achieve operational excellence. Takeaways will include:

  • How to overcome common pain points associated with cohesively managing people, technology, and data
  • Ways to empower your employees to focus on higher value, more strategic work
  • How to automate complex processes like product installations, packaged software development, service provisioning and delivery, and more.
  • How to accelerate time to value from your automations

This is one webinar you don’t want to miss!


Kramer Reeves CEO, Work-Relay

Jerad Tonn Director of Channel Management, Neostella

september 15 | 11 am CDT

using an enterprise framework to manage automation initiatives

In this session, Work-Relay CEO Kramer Reeves will provide a blueprint for enterprise-wide hyperautomation using the Work-Relay framework to models processes and identifies the units of work that could be automated. Seen through the lens of one of Neostella’s clients, you»ll learn how using an enterprise platform can help your organization go from automated to hyperautomated. Takeaways will include:

  • How to lower support costs
  • How to accelerate the benefits from your Salesforce investment
  • Augmenting you knowledge workers
  • and more!


Kramer Reeves CEO, Work-Relay

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get ahead of the recession with hyperautomation

Analysts at Gartner predict that by 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes. Does your organization have a strategy in place to create synergy between your people and technologies that will help you navigate economic uncertainties?

While most have harnessed the power of automation in some form, most organizations are not yet truly “hyperautomated.” The biggest limiting factor? Some things simply cannot be automated. But now, with the advent of more powerful Business Process Management tools like Work-Relay, coordinating workflows among people, technology, and data is easier and more effective than ever.

In this session, Work-Relay CEO Kramer Reeves will walk you through strategies to incorporate BPM into your hyperautomation for maximum benefit. Key takeaways will include:

  • Hyperautomation trends and opportunities in businesses today
  • Why operational agility can offset the effects of a potential economic downturn.
  • Example companies using IBPMS to control costs, streamline processes, and manage project-completion on time..
  • How Neostella with Work-relay, is helping clients become a fully automated enterprise

In these uncertain economic times, hyperautomation takes on a new urgency. Register now to embrace the automation capabilities you need to thrive in any economic environment.


Kramer Reeves CEO, Work-Relay

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