The Challenge

Many organizations are required to take frequent and often daily exports of financial transactions from their bank or other data sources and reconcile these transactions against an ERP or other operating system. This manual and repetitive task is time-consuming, leaves room for data errors, and is simply not fun to do. Your employee’s days are being spent completing these mindless actions when they should be working on impactful aspects of your business that only a human can do.

  • Highly repetitive, manual tasks
  • Large volume of data input
  • Regular data entry errors or mistakes

The Solution

Leveraging UiPath bots to execute these ongoing transaction reconciliations, you are able to allocate this task from your human workforce to your robotic workforce! Your robots are able to work at an incredible pace, while ensuring data accuracy and most importantly while keeping your human workforce free to work on non-repetitive tasks that are not as idle. This results in higher throughput, higher accuracy and more satisfied team members.

  • RPA bots complete repetitive transactions
  • Human's time freed up for non-repetitive work
  • Data quality guaranteed

The Challenge

Your company might be dealing with a high throughput of invoices in your accounts payable department. Invoicing can often involve PO reconciliation, unstructured data, and approvals. This can be a challenge for your employees to keep on top of when performing everything manually–time is always of the essence when money is involved! Ensuring timeliness and accuracy of invoices is critical to keeping you in good graces with your suppliers and preventing redundant work for your employees if invoices are not completely correct.

  • Can be a bottleneck due to manual duties
  • High risk of error resulting in the potential for service disruptions
  • Double-up of work if not done correctly the first time

The Solution

Tasking UiPath bots with even a portion of the processes needing to be performed within your AP department can transform the efficiency. The bots work seamlessly with your current ERP system and are highly configurable to the unique needs of your company as well as easily scalable to your growth. The bots can be programmed to read and verify data using OCR, be set up to perform rule-based approvals and/or output necessary statements–all while doing so completely accurately!

  • Bots use your ERP system like a human does–no integration required!
  • Can handle small or large volumes of AP work with the same ease and accuracy
  • OCR capabilities–both built-in to UiPath or fully integrated with ABBYY for more robust use cases

The Challenge

When trying to obtain, verify, or input data, employees often have to access multiple systems simultaneously while copying and pasting information throughout. This can often be a clunky process resulting in a lot of needless manual work and redundancies for your employees. Alternatively, your company may have a need to scrape data from outside websites, or even from forms that have been submitted to you. Time is wasted accessing and waiting for sites and systems to load and ensuring captured data is put in the right fields. Additionally, data is often sensitive–both in terms of its importance and the necessity that it be error-free so records are completely correct.

  • Process is not user-friendly or efficient
  • Spans both internal and external data extraction
  • Potential for errors in sensitive data

The Solution

UiPath bots are able to swiftly scrape information, chaining together input processes regardless of the number or type of systems. Bots are able to download documents, access websites, securely log into systems with credentials, verify accuracy and completeness of information–whatever your company may need to process data quickly, accurately, and safely! Bots can either work alongside humans to help complete processes set off by user events, or can work independently of humans to prepare data for any manual work that may still need to be performed.

  • Bots can gather data from any source you need–both internal and external
  • Streamlines otherwise clunky manual workflows
  • Optimal work for either attended or unattended bots

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