Staffing Solutions

Top Talent, Hassle-Free

With Neostella’s staffing solutions, augment your existing team or build a new one with our highly skilled staff ready to take on your projects on a contractual basis.  

get ahead of the labor shortage

A New Approach to Staffing

Getting ahead of staffing shortages is a priority for many companies, and finding top talent has left many Human Resources departments scrambling. Why not take a new approach to filling your open positions? Our utilization of near-shore resources means we can get a full-time Neostella team member working on your team within two weeks – with near-shore offices in Medellin, Colombia and Mexico City, Mexico, we offer flexible staffing solutions to keep up with your changing business needs.  

All the benefits of highly skilled staff without the hassle of onboarding or recruiting.

With a three-month minimum contract, you can augment your existing team or build a team to take on new projects with a full-time Neostella team member dedicated to your business who is fully trained and ready to get to work. This team member will:

  • Provide 35 hours work/week under your direction

  • Spend 5 hours/week in Neostella facilitated training

  • Provide central or eastern time zone support 

more than rpa

Development Skillsets to Meet Your Needs

Not all projects are created equal in scope, but all deserve the same level of attention and support. Organizations limited by resources, skillset, or time struggle, though, to keep their projects moving forward.  With our Development Staffing Solutions, we can help you augment your team with:

  • Developers/Senior Developers
  • Automation/Senior Automation Developers
  • Python/JavaScript
  • RPA Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts

And With Neostella Development Staffing Solutions, you can expect:

  • Broad Skillsets

    Choose from a range of development and automation services  

  • Cost Savings

    Reduced long-term labor costs with the elimination of managing benefits

  • Quick Onboarding

    Our talent is fully trained and ready to get to work

  • Fresh Perspective

    Our team brings a wide range of experience and ideas