rpa support and training

For the Long Haul

Neostella is committed to empowering you and your team through robotic process automation training with the skills you need to own your RPA practice.

there when you need us

Ongoing Partnership

We want you to own your RPA practice. From the beginning, we will engage with your team, helping you communicate effectively and gather valuable input needed to ensure that the robotic process automation practice we help you build works seamlessly for your business. We’ll help train your team, and can take it a step further–upskilling those employees who are suited to working on internal development teams. Fortunately, our support doesn’t have to end there. After we build and implement your solutions, Neostella will be available to provide ongoing RPA maintenance and support services 24/7.

  • Center of Excellence

    We can help you assemble the right internal team to manage your RPA practice, setting you up for long-term success.

  • Governance

    Our consultants can assist with change management, so you can best prioritize where automation will have the greatest impact.

  • RPA Monitoring & Support

    Our team is available to help monitor your bots 24/7, ensuring proper functionality and troubleshooting when necessary.

  • RPA Training & Upskilling

    We can help ensure your team is trained and confident when it’s time to go live with RPA preparedness workshops.

ongoing developer support

Keep Your RPA Practice Growing

RPA solutions to repetitive, mundane work, like invoice processing and data management, allow you to untap the human potential that exists within your organization, freeing up your human workforce to plan, strategize, and innovate. The result is increased job satisfaction and employee engagement. Neostella will help you achieve your business transformation goals with the training and support you need to keep your RPA practice growing and your team happy.

  • 2/3 Of Employees

    Reported that they have increased human interaction following RPA implementation.*

    *According to Forrester Research

  • 60% Of Employees

    Report that they spend more time on meaningful work following RPA implementation.*

    *According to Forrester Research

empower your team

Take Ownership of Your Automation

Robotic Process Automaiton is here to stay.  As your organization adopts and implements an RPA practice, you will continue to identify additional opportunities for automation. At Neostella, we’ll be there to help you and your team continue to develop and refine your UiPath solutions to meet the changing needs of your business. Whether it’s co-development, upskilling, or support, we will work with you so you can take ownership of your projects; and we’ll be there with developer and operational support when you need it.