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Automate to Innovate

The world of high-tech is fiercely competitive. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, adopting a hyperautomation strategy is the key to building the team, infrastructure, and processes you need to keep innovation at the forefront – and to maintaining your edge in the marketplace.

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Laying a Foundation for the Future

Market analysts at Nasdaq predict that by 2025, current work tasks will be equally split between humans and bots. And while that prediction sounds ominous, the forecast for job growth is quite the opposite – with the emergence of 97 million new, previously unimagined roles on the horizon that will require human talent. For the technology industry, pandemic fueled disruptions have already catapulted these workforce forecasts from prediction to trend:

  • ↑50% Tech Job Posts

    Available positions at technology companies has roughly doubled since the start of the pandemic.


  • ↓25% Tech Job Applicants

    Meanwhile, the talent pool for those same positions has shrunk by an estimated quarter.


innovation from the ground up

Cross-Departmental Hyperautomation

The technology industry is synonymous with innovation and growth. This means that in addition to consistently fostering and creating new ideas, concepts, and solutions, technology companies must work equally as hard at evolving and innovating the core staff and departments that keep their operations running smoothly. Our solutions are designed to streamline the core functional areas that make up the foundation of your technological enterprise, so that you can continue to grow and be the best at what you do.

  • human resources
  • finance and accounting
  • customer experience
  • IT and support
  • sales
  • recruiting
    benefits management

    Find the Best Talent

    As the global workforce continues to shift from in-person to hybrid and fully remote, HR departments must keep pace with extremely high staff and candidate expectations. Today’s HR departments must be at the pulse of technological and organizational development and adopt a comprehensive strategy integrated across all phases of a candidate journey – beginning with recruitment. With intelligent automation utilizing iPaaS married with Robotic Process Automation, find and retain the best talent by enabling solutions that allow your HR team to weed through the pool of candidates.

    • Updating job descriptions
    • Resume matching and sorting from applicant tracking systems
    • Resume scoring
    • Syncing with your HR platform

    Update in a Snap

    No matter how advanced HR departments become, onboarding will forever be an important component of the hiring process. With the right combination of hyperautomation tools, relieve the common administrative pain points of onboarding that HR professionals experience, enabling quick and efficient access to new employee data.

    • Automatically move candidate data into HR management platforms
    • Send documents for signature
    • Provision apps and equipment
    • Update payroll
    • Chatbots to answer common onboarding FAQs
    • More!

    Empower Your HR Teams

    The nature of an HR role has shifted from reactive to proactive. A digital-first landscape means that staff now demand transparency, information, and resources instantly at their fingertips. By deploying hyperautomation solutions in your HR strategy, transform your HR department from an anticipatory one to one driven by the employee experience with automations throughout every facet of benefits management.

    • Automated changes to payroll systems, company policies, and adjustments to employee roles
    • On-demand chatbots for benefits-specific questions
    • Manage expense reports
    • Stay on top of vacation request and approvals
    • More!
  • order to cash
    financial reporting

    Streamline End-to-End

    The order to cash, and more broadly, the quote-to-cash process, is comprised of many important but tedious manual steps that are also inherently prone to human error. With UiPath Robotic Process Automation coupled with iPaaS workflow automation, streamline the entire end-to-end process for both an improved customer and employee experience.

    • Sales order entry
    • Billing and cash application
    • Product configuration
    • Pricing

    Make Smarter Decisions

    When it comes to your finance and accounting team, interpreting and analyzing is their bread and butter. It stands to reason then that the clearer and more detailed the full scope of the analytic picture is, the more advanced their insights will be. With hyperautomation solutions to integrate financial data into one reliable reporting format, your team can focus on what they do best: long-term analysis to drive smarter logic-driven decisions.

    • Real-time reporting to drive real-time insight and analysis
    • Continuously collect and monitor all spend and revenue data in one dashboard
    • More frequent access to reports

    Stay Ahead of the Game

    In this competitive, ever-shifting landscape, the last thing your finance and accounting team needs is to wonder if everything is accounted for once the books are closed. Proactively plan for the future with hyperautomation solutions designed to transform your compliance and regulatory game.

    • Documents are automatically uploaded and organized to proactively meet regulatory filing and audit checkpoints
    • Bots collect and integrate data to streamline compliance
    • Thoroughly documented audit trails and transaction histories
  • 360° customer view
    mean time to resolution

    Put the Customer First

    For many industries, the customer is the focal point of an effective long-term strategy – and with customer expectations drastically changing, it is important to focus on the entire customer experience end-to-end. With services ranging from utilizing Robotic Process Automation to update customer data in real-time to automation solutions to better understand the customer holistically, you will be well on your way to hyperautomation customer success.

    • House all customer data in one place for end-to-end insights
    • Capture in-product data from multiple sources and receive packaged insights to predict churn and automatically create tickets when users hit roadblocks
    • Integrated IA tools across all of the different customer touchpoints so that customer requests and records can be updated in real time

    Close Out Tickets Faster

    Whatever your customer’s needs are, a faster resolution time means a more satisfied customer. Whether it’s RPA in the contact center or utilizing a support bot to escalate and resolve tickets, optimizing your customer’s journey begins with addressing front-office tasks that are the difference between an unsatisfied customer service experience and an unparalleled one.

    • Escalate and resolve issues from Slack
    • AI-powered chatbots
    • Automated contact center solutions, such as post-call wrap-ups and customer representative onboarding
    • System integration
  • user management and engagement
    end-user support

    Hands Off Resolution

    Your IT operations work round-the-clock to ensure that other departments are meeting their objectives. But, what about your own IT department? Help your IT teams achieve their departmental goals with hands-free user management and engagement solutions – so that everyone in your organization gets the answers they need when they need it as well as the freedom to pursue their own initiatives.

    • Workbot and AI work together with knowledge base content to answer questions in real-time
    • Incident management and automation tools including helpdesk ticket triage, routing and processing, password resets, permissions and access, and more
    • Infrastructure management with large-scale migration of data across multiple servers, systems, or apps

    Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

    IT and support departments are faced with new obstacles every single day. With a remote workforce comes an expectation for quicker and more efficient resolution times and end-user support that has no equal or match to the support of year’s past. Equip your teams with the hyperautomation tools to maintain and finesse day-to-day operations.

    • Set up IT chatbot for fast and efficient self-service
    • Automatically provision & deprovision equipment and account access
    • Streamline onboarding for tasks like updating payroll and finance and supporting remote workers
  • streamlined closing
    lead to opportunity

    Reduce Human Error

    Sales teams should be focused on what they do best — selling — but are all too often bogged down by data-heavy, error-prone and yet fundamental processes, such as invoices, data entry, and customer onboarding. With hyperautomation services designed to streamline all aspects of the sales origination and closing cycle, your sales teams can focus more on developing the customer relationship — worry-free.

    • Streamline order-to-cash and onboarding customers
    • Automate the payment process end-to-end
    • Automatically send invoices, track payment, and start fulfillment
    • Analyze, extract, and input sales order or purchase order data into system to generate new orders
    • Perform verification and validation checks

    Consolidate Customer Data

    Whether it’s manufacturing, insurance, or banking, the customer is at the core of everything you do. Oftentimes, though, customer data is scattered across a variety of legacy systems and applications. Utilizing RPA and iPaaS services, consolidate and integrate customer data system-wide for a more efficient customer and sales experience. Solutions include:

    • House all your customer data in one place
    • Validate and update customer data across various systems and applications
    • System-wide data integration
    • Get real-time visibility into your existing accounts (usage and touchpoints) as well as interest from new leads to identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities