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Work-Relay, a Neostella Product

Business process management software (BPMS) helps companies streamline employee workflows and improve organizational efficiency. With Work-Relay intelligent BPMS, you can take those benefits even further.

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Simplify Complex Operations

While the term  ‘business process’ refers to any activity or task  – human or automated – in the digital age the day-to-day work performed by people is often overlooked.  While automation fuels efficiency, not everything can be automated, leaving room for inefficiencies and bottlenecks. The right Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) tool can alleviate those pain points.

Work-Relay adds an additional layer of structure to highly complex, decision-driven processes and workflows from one application. The user-friendly Work-Relay framework provides metrics and solutions that transform the way you manage your business.

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Reap the Benefits of Work-Relay

How effectively your business is able to deliver goods or services to your customers is dependent upon on your ability to coordinate the people and systems needed to to get the work done. Work-Relay eliminates the obstacles that can slow your organization down, extending the power of Salesforce to streamline business operations to improve productivity.

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Real-Life Success Stories

Work-Relay has helped customers in several different industries and 4 continents improve their operational efficiency. See how these companies improved workflows across their organizations on Salesforce.

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    Manage Commercial Property Asessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) Loan Applications

    With Work-Relay, the client has a platform that guides internal staff through the management of Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) loan applications from lead through closing, guiding users and ensuring compliance with internal, funder, and program requirements. C-PACE has enormous complexity, with rules and processes that vary by local taxing entity. C-PACE loans cover a wide variety of energy projects sizes, scopes, geographies and property sectors;  making the loan diligence process  complex and dynamic. Users are often confused on what to do next, or what is still outstanding.

    Hyper-Customize the Process

    Work-Relay allowed for hyper customization of processes, linking our loan origination steps in a chronological order that tells users what they need to do next to advance the deal. Work Relay provides excellent visual overviews of what’s done, not done, or might be stuck on a single opportunity level and a portfolio level.

    Fluid Project Management and Realistic Projections

    The Gantt Chart capabilities of work-Relay allows managers to see when user projected close dates are likely to be unrealistic, improving predictive capabilities around sales and helping to focus users on the most critical deals. No other software provided the level of flexibility that we needed to build a useful project management tool.

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    Manage Complex Data and Approval Processes

    A global energy technology company is required to track the application process for Third Party Intermediaries. The process entails:

    • 10-15 documents per application as well as all data relating to those documents.
    • Data is input from those documents
    • A lengthy approval process, with up to 15 approvers potentially requiring sign off.


    In the past, this was handled using Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and email, which is time intensive, prone to error, and doesn’t provide real time feedback of where applicants are in the process.

    Automated Data Tracking and Dashboards

    The process was modeled in Salesforce and Work-Relay so that: assigned managers enter and upload data via a series of forms.

    • Automated actions send emails to the applicant and internal users so they can track progress
    • Automated data tracking shows users and management exactly where the applicant is in the process
    • Starts the approval process once all requirements are met
    • Allows approvers to request changes to the application or reject the candidate at any point in the process
    • Allows real-time, detailed analytics  tracking via dashboard and reports

    Real-Time Visibility

    As a result of implementing Work-Relay the organization has realized:

    • real-time visibility into processes
    • an automated mechanism to assign tasks and send reminders to ensure timely completion
    • automated document generation for a number of critical documents.
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    Integrating Workflow Between Existing Platform and Other Apps

    This software client faced several challenges that were resulted from relying on their document management platform’s dated User interface, including:

    • The platform’s several limited ability to integrate with other platforms, especially  Salesforce. Custom development is required to do any integration between the two systems.
    • Limited/difficult connectivity with other applications, resulting in the need for manual work –– such as downloading and uploading documents between the two systems.
    • Difficulty spotting bottlenecks in workflows due to the limited  reporting capabilities of the document management platform.

    A Single Platform to Manage Workflows

    With Work-Relay installed directly within Salesforce, the client was able to avoid the need for complex custom development between their workflow system and Salesforce, and now has a single platform solution that:

    • Offers integration/connecting capabilities with other applications
    • Provides data analytic/reporting capabilities that spots bottlenecks and variations in the workflow
    • Is visually-pleasing and user-friendly

    A Seamless and Controlled Process

    Working with Neostella the customer now has a more seamless and controlled process between Work-Relay and Salesforce that includes:

    • More integration capabilities, specifically with NetSuite
    • Improved workflow through the data within the reports
    • Better end user experience/view, as well as a more user-friendly application
    • With patches that are rolled out regularly the client is able to continuously improve functionality.
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