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Work-Relay is a single Salesforce-native system for digitizing, managing, and coordinating highly complex and business processes and workflows from one application. Schedule a complimentary workshop session with one of our experts now to discover how Work-Relay can help your organization achieve operational excellence.

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While the term ‘business process’ refers to any activity or task within an organization, the day-to-day work performed by people is often overlooked.  While automation has proven to be a game changer for many businesses – not everything can be automated, leaving room for bottlenecks to remain. The right Business Process Management software (BPMS) can change that, providing the structure and clarity needed to deliver better outcomes.The easy to use Work-Relay framework provides workflow solutions that are designed for flexibility and easy maintenance. Only minimal Salesforce expertise and no coding expertise are required. Most importantly, Work-Relay minimizes the underlying complexities of enterprise systems and disconnected processes for users.

  • Off-the-shelf business operations management system.

  • An enterprise solutions that fit into the same framework across the organization.

  • Ability to distill Salesforce functionality into a simple framework.