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Salesforce-Powered BPM

Work-Relay is Salesforce-native system for managing complex business processes and workflows from a single application. Schedule a complimentary workshop session with an expert now to discover how Work-Relay can help take your operations to the next level.


Coordinate Workflow and Automations

While the term ‘business process’ refers to any activity or task within an organization, the day-to-day work performed by people is often overlooked.  While automation has proven to be a game changer for many businesses – not everything can be automated, leaving the possibility for bottlenecks to form. The right Business Process Management software (BPMS) can change that. Easy to use, Work-Relay provides solutions designed for flexibility and easy maintenance.

  • Ready off-the-shelf for ease of use and quick results.

  • Enterprise ready, so it works across your organization.

  • Leverages Salesforce for a simple, powerful framework.