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Neostella Enterprise Automation Solutions

Ways to Reimagine Your Business

Neostella Legal Solutions

Stay on top of case information, documents, communications, tasks, and deadlines, and allow your legal team to work more collaboratively and efficiently with our legal solutions designed to enhance the way you use Filevine.


Coordinate the flow of work across systems, people, and automations with our Salesforce-native software solution that streamlines processes, task tracking, and project management.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate repetitive and rule-based tasks with RPA software bots, empowering your human workforce to focus on high-ROI activities

Workato Application Integration (iPaaS)

Integrate and automate workflows across applications and systems, creating a seamless flow of data, streamlined processes, and efficient collaboration among tools and teams.

Neostella Global Professional Services

Our team of global automation experts works alongside our customers to discover needs, uncover bottlenecks, and develop ideal solutions that utilize the latest automation technology with the goal of modernizing and streamlining business processes.

Voices of Satisfaction

Our number one goal was speed to delivery. The Neostella team has delivered above and beyond what was expected. We made no secret that our goal is to bring development in-house; as we have been transitioning to stand up our own internal team Neostella has been supportive and looking at how they can be the best, flexible partner. We are just as happy to re-sign with Neostella as the day we signed.

Brittany Tei

Process Innovation & Automation Experience Manager | Thrive Mortgage

Neostella really set the bar high for project organization. All milestones were kept on track without surpassing the designated timelines that we established together. They strategized thoughtfully when it came down to reshaping our processes in UiPath and were always eight steps ahead of our team when it came to forecasting our long-term business objectives.

Brad DeBroux

Chief Technology Officer | Panorama Mortgage Group, LLC

In less than six months, our RPA Team has already realized efficiency gains, not to mention popularity within our organization. Establishing a partnership with Neostella enabled us to implement two complex RPA solutions, with immediate returns on our time and money investment. Beyond the typically expected returns, our most significant value-add of the relationship has been the lessons learned and clear benefit gained by applying best practices.

Stephanie Hyles

Senior Vice President, COO | USALLIANCE Financial

Vantage Point needed immediate help to manage our rapid growth and large load of manual processes; we were looking for a partner that could work closely with our internal team to bring RPA into our business. Not only did we find that in partnering with Neostella, but they have also been critical to us achieving our business objectives on time and on budget while keeping us up-to-date on the status of the project.

Kevin Mazur

Chief Information Officer | Vantage Point Title

Working with the Neostella team has made this entire RPA experience pleasing and EASY. We love that you can dedicate a project manager that stays with us throughout all our RPA wants. It seems the team is always available & willing to train us on the things we want to handle as well as eager to manage everything for us as we need it. One happy customer that we found UiPath and that they matched us up perfectly with Neostella to provide a great RPA experience.

Cynthia Alexander

Director of Information Technology | Hood Industries

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