Neostella Legal Documents

Professional Services Agreement


PSA Schedule: Intellectual Property


PSA Schedule: Staffing Solutions


Terms of Service

Terms of Service – Admin Services

Terms of Service – Maintenance and Support (Fixed Rate)

Terms of Service – Staffing Solutions

Terms of Service – UiPath

Terms of Service – Workato

Master Subscription Agreement

Vinebots MSA

Work-Relay MSA

Uipath Resale MSA


Workato MSA

MSA Schedules

Work-Relay MSA Schedule: End of Life

Work-Relay License Pricing Schedule

Work-Relay Support Services Schedule

Work-Relay Version Maintenance Terminology

Product Descriptions

UiPath MSP Product Descriptions

Vinebots Product Descriptions

UiPath License Resale Product Descriptions

Workato Product Descriptions


Service Level Agreement

Vinebots SLA