Process Consulting

make informed decisions

Remove the Guesswork from Automation

From banking to manufacturing to legal, we understand that no two industries or businesses are alike and our consultants are committed to developing an automation practice that will deliver ROI. When assessing your automation needs, Neostella takes a methodical approach with real-time data collected from business processes to help organizations make an informed decision.

End-to-End Support in Digital Transformation


Create a process inventory and prioritize potential for automation


Perform process analysis and compare to industry best practices


Document processes and evaluate for possible exceptions


Build solution based on resources and desired outcomes


Build automations and deployment plans


Conduct end-to-end system and user testing


Go live, monitor results, make corrections, and track metrics

Task Mining

Task Mining is installed on the desktop level to analyze in real-time day-to-day employee activities, including keystrokes, clicks, and applications, and visited websites. It then applies AI to identify repetitive tasks with high potential for automation such as:
  • Report generation
  • Data collection
  • Data entry
  • Downloading orders or invoices

Process Mining

Process Mining operates on the enterprise level to help businesses understand the scope of existing processes and identify opportunities for improvement such as:
  • Customer journey
  • Auditing and compliance
  • Financial operations
  • IT