Secure Development

that you can trust

Empowerment through Data Protection

Neostella’s secure development environments are highly controlled physical and digital safe spaces designed to keep your information protected at all times. Above baseline security features include:
  • 24/7 monitoring by security guard, cameras, local manager and/or intrusion detection
  • Room access restricted to authorized visitors only
  • Personal items prohibited inside room
  • Recorded visitor entries via secure badging and CCTV footage
  • Additional customizations available

Benefits of Secure Development Environments

Data Confidence

Our secure development environments are designed to tackle evolving security threats to resolve any worry about compromised data.


Expand upon our baseline offerings to offer even greater security and accommodations based upon the level of security desired.

Cost Management

Benefit from cost reduction, as well as greater overall efficiency and communication when utilizing Neostella’s near-shore resources.

Keeping Data Safe Step-by-Step

Entering Environment

1) Security verifies identity
2) Personal items are deposited into secure locker
3) Individual uses badge to enter secure lab

Inside Environment

1) Authorized individual works at dedicated work station
2) Dedicated PC runs on trusted, separate network
3) Client systems are accessed via secure network connection or remote work environment

Exiting Environment

1) Individual logs out of secure network station
2) Individual badges out of lab, ensuring a record of entry and exit
3) Personal items are collected from secure locker
4) Departure