Leveraging Salesforce to Optimize Operations

Tune into this webinar where we sat down with Tom Wroblewski, Director, Home Services, The Home Depot, to explore how his team implemented Work-Relay to optimize operations wthin the Home Services division.

The Home Depot’s Journey with Work-Relay

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s either disrupt or be disrupted. In our recent live chat, Tom Wroblewski, Director of Home Services at The Home Depot sat down with Erik Eklund and Kramer Reeves of Work-Relay to explore some of the operational challenges faced by The Home Depot, and how implementing Work-Relay helped not only tackle some of those challenges, but positioned The Home Depot’s Home Services division as a disruptor in the retail industry.

Key Topics discussed include:
• Insights into the current operational landscape of the retail industry
• Common challenges encountered with existing systems and processes in the industry
• How the adoption of Work-Relay addresses time, accuracy, and cost issues
• Work-Relay’s impact on The Home Depot’s journey towards operational excellence

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