Increasing Visibility in Production Process

Learn how Perennials, a textiles production company, used Work-Relay to increase production visibility and scale operations.

How Work-Relay Helped Perennials Scale Manufacturing and Fulfillment Operations

As a leader in the luxury performance textile industry, Perennials offers more than 900 hand-woven custom fabrics to the most preeminent design houses and high-end global retailers.

While the story of high-performance, artesian fabrics developed for luxury indoor and outdoor applications is interesting, their India-based hand-crafted rug production operation is particularly fascinating.

Perennials’ previous technology stack challenged their operations and production planning teams in that it was not possible to track rugs as discrete entities throughout the production and shipping processes. This lack of unit-level visibility introduced inefficiencies and made customer communications more time-consuming due to manufacturing complexities and ranging production timelines.

Detailed mid-production unit-level tracking is not a requirement for most manufacturers.

However, each Perennials rug is born of complex, handcrafted processes completed by teams of artisans under the direction of master weavers leveraging generations’ old traditions.

The creation of each rug is quite long compared to typical modern product manufacturing timelines requiring production progress visibility that enables just-in-time, accurate communications to maximize customer satisfaction and optimize efficiencies.

Product-level Visibility Was a Key to Scaling Operations

Salesforce is Perennials’ database of record. The Perennials team wanted to track each rug as an individual entity throughout their manufacturing processes given varying unit production timeframes.

Get the case study and learn how Perennials uses Work-Relay – a native Salesforce BPM solution to manage these interdependent processes and business operations while achieving end-to-end process visibility in the rug manufacturing process.

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