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See Escalation Trends Monitor Task Loads Step Rating

See Escalation Trends

Visible by step across all instances for a selected period

Monitor Task Loads

Monitor assigned and late tasks per user

Step Rating

Scores across all process instances

Coordinate Complex Workflows on Salesforce

Allows users to view, prioritize, and execute tasks from a single screen.

Coordinates work between people, automations, or systems.

Build in dependencies and task durations to alleviate bottlenecks.

Improve On-time Delivery

Work-Relay accelerates the delivery of products or services to end-customers by providing a Salesforce-native workflow solution that:

  • Automates complex workflows
  • Coordinates work across individuals, teams, and systems
  • Provides a single system of record

With customizable workflow templates, Work Relay helps improve productivity, reduces manual tasks, and enhances coordination for businesses across various industries.

Take Salesforce to the Next Level

Work-Relay adds a coordination layer to Salesforce workflows and gives management visibility into processes. Work-Relay streamlines complex processes and provides the clarity employees need to maintain priorities and meet critical deadlines for:

  • Hardware, software, or product installations
  • Service delivery
  • Clinical trials
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Internal processes such as product development, auditing, and vendor onboarding,
    and more

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