Work-Relay Features

unparalleled benefits

Convenience for All Users

Design Console
Provides a consistent framework to design workflows with consideration for resources, dependencies, and task durations.

Management Console
Includes interfaces tailored to fit many management roles, providing visibility into resource status, project status, insights, and analytics.

User Console
Provides a single place for employees to prioritize and execute work that includes dependencies, due dates, and other needed information.

One System of Record

Work-Relay eliminates the need for multiple systems and provides management with one set of data, tracking, and insights into all phases of work – planned, active, and completed – from one convenient place.

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Process Wizard

The Work-Relay Process Wizard guides users step-by-step, to effortlessly build and activate a process model in Salesforce – in under 5 minutes. See the Process Wizard in action in this short video.

User Console

Provides organizations with a centralized place to receive, fulfill, manage, and complete orders making it easier to meet deadlines, increase revenues, and boost customer satisfaction The User Console helps accelerate many processes with intuitive:
  • Forms
  • Instructions
  • Checklists
  • Time logging
  • Collaboration
  • and more

Planning Dashboard

Allows users to see multiple processes by resource, assignee, team, etc.

Progress Dashboard

Shows the real-time status of steps in active process instances.

Form Builder

Work-Relay’s Form Builder allows users to create complex forms using simple drag-and-drop. The Form Builder supports conditional logic, cross-field validation, nested forms, buttons, calculations, and more.

Record View

The Record View shows all the interdependent  processes and sub-processes related to that record in one place.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts help project managers with visibility across dependent work items and resources. Work-Relay Gantt charts support conditional business logic and branching to customize the projects to unique conditions, and shows indicators related to process specifications such as tasks requiring a decision and processes prevented from continuing until a sub-process is completed.

Work-Relay Features

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Project Management Neostella Check Icon
Drag & Drop Form Designer Neostella Check Icon
Cross/Multi Project Management Neostella Check Icon
Kanban Boards Neostella Check Icon
Gantt Charts Neostella Check Icon
Real-time Reporting Neostella Check Icon
Task Dashboard Neostella Check Icon
Progress Dashboard Neostella Check Icon
Planning Dashboard Neostella Check Icon
Analytics Neostella Check Icon
Collaborate with Slack, Teams or Chatter integration Neostella Check Icon
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Advanced Visualization Neostella Check Icon
Advanced Risk Management Neostella Check Icon
Advanced Project Management Neostella Check Icon

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