free, and always will be*

A screenshot of Vineportal, a client portal for Filevine

*Vineportal Standard is free. There is a charge for Vineportal Premium service. Contact sales for details.

What is Vineportal?

Vineportal is an easy-to-use client portal for your firm’s clients and referring attorneys to access case details housed within Filevine.

A screenshot of Vineportal, a client portal for Filevine legal cases.

Vineportal allows law firms and legal teams to:

  • Customize Filevine Phases to specific phase categories which users will see as the status of their cases
  • Customize and display project details and team information to users
  • Allow users to securely submit documents that automatically transfer to your Filevine Instance
  • Free up internal staff from answering phone calls or emails by allowing users to update information
  • And more (see table below)

Vineportal allows your clients and referring attorneys to:

  • View the status and progress of their case
  • View the law firm team assigned to their case
  • View relevant case details and information
  • Submit important or sensitive documents securely without having to call or email your firm
  • Review and request updates to information in real time without contacting your firm

See How Vineportal Works

Flow, Forms, and Tasks

Create a Hassle-Free Client Experience

Vineportal Flow Forms and Tasks provide a simple and convenient way for clients to add or update information relevant to their cases. Here’s how it works:

  • Inform clients of phase changes, date changes, or any other relevant case updates via email, SMS, or app notification
  • Send “Forms” Tasks to clients via Vineportal Flows 
  • Client receives Task via email, in-app notifications, or SMS
  • Client completes request(s) to add or update information using Vineportal
  • Data is updated and stays in securely in Filevine – it is not replicated 

Convenience for Legal Teams

Utilize Vineportal Flows to seamlessly move cases forward. Configure Flows to request documents and case details from co-counsel, referring attorneys, experts, defendants, and more. Vineportal offers a user-friendly platform for these parties to effortlessly input updates into Filevine.

  • Works with both Form Section Data and Collection Section Data
  • Reduces time spent tracking down information from clients
  • Ensures information from clients is entered into Filevine Sections and Fields correctly
  • Automates client outreach and reminders, reducing the need for follow up from your internal staff
  • Minimizes duplicate entries 

Vineportal Features





Phase Categories

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Keep clients updated with the status of their case

Customize Filevine phases to specific phase categories which users will see as the status of their case.

Project Team Contacts

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Share the project’s assigned team

Add and select internal user contact cards to display assigned law firm team to portal users.

Project Details

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Share details specific to the case

Customize which fields you want to display from Filevine Instance so users can view information specific to their case.


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Only share information important to clients

Customize information available to users based on their assigned roles, so they only view information important to them.

Document Upload

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Free up internal staff by having users submit documents

Clients and referring attorneys can securely submit important documents without contacting your firm. Documents then automatically transfer to Filevine Instance

Request Update/Change Info

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Allow clients to update information in real time

Users can submit requests to update information so your internal staff isn’t bogged down by answering calls or emails.

SMS Invitation and Login

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Send invitations to Vineportal and log in via SMS

Customize and send out text messages to invite end-users to Vineportal and also log in with the mobile number on file. When logging into Vineportal with a phone number, an authentication code will be sent via SMS to provide security.

In-App Notifications

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Keep users informed

Send encrypted notifications and messages natively within the client portal

Mass Communications

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Save time with mass communications

Send mass emails or in-app messages to all portal users and access email statistics

Vineportal Tasks

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Assign tasks according to phase or Filevine data

Assign tasks to portal users based on the projects phase, Filevine data, or Vineportal data

Task Document Upload

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Send document requests to clients

Assign users tasks to submit important documentation necessary to proceed with their case


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Automate actions based on Filevine data

Create entrance and exit criteria to automatically communicate or assign tasks based on Vineportal and Filevine data

Flow Forms and Tasks

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Enhance communication between admins and users

Include “Forms” tasks in messages to send users tasks with customized communications and deadlines, enable users to submit required information in “User Form View,” and generate updates and tasks on Filevine based on user response. Secure: Data stays in Filevine—it is not replicated. Forms can include description & instruction fields, mandatory field requirements, and view only fields.

Contact Cards

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Easily update contact card information

Use the contact card builder to design templates for updating contact card details via forms.

Project Forms

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Push information to Filevine

Use the form builder to build project forms that submit project information directly from Vineportal to Filevine.

SMS Communications

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Send text messages to users

SMS capabilities in mass communications and flow messaging.