free, and always will be*

Vineportal for Filevine

*Vineportal Standard is free. There is a charge for Vineportal Premium service. Contact sales for details.

What is Vineportal?

Vineportal is a simple and convenient place for your firm’s clients and referring attorneys to access their case details housed within Filevine. From your Vineportal, your clients can:

  • Access case team contacts
  • Monitor case progress
  • Access case details
  • Send bulk automated messaging to clients and referring attorneys via email
  • NEW! View email statistics for each communication in a single dashboard including delivered, opened, bounced, dropped, and more
  • Send bulk automated messaging to clients via SMS (coming Summer 2023)
  • Send campaigns to clients or referring attorneys based on field values (coming Summer 2023)
  • Add documents and/or allow clients to upload documents (coming early Fall 2023)

Vineportal for the Convenience Your Clients Need

Vineportal Features

Standard Premium
Access Team Contacts Neostella Check Icon
Monitor Case Progress Neostella Check Icon
Access Case Details Neostella Check Icon
Bulk Messaging Neostella Check Icon
Send Campaigns Based on Field Values Neostella Check Icon
Client Notifications if Data Needs Updating Neostella Check Icon
Native Client Messaging Neostella Check Icon
Assign Project Data to a Role Neostella Check Icon
Email Statistics Neostella Check Icon
Custom Project Data by Role Neostella Check Icon