Work-Relay Use Cases

the possibilities are endless

Simplify Complex Workflows

Work-Relay solves many business challenges, coordinating complex workflows and optimizing productivity by empowering teams to collaborate, track progress, and automate repetitive tasks. From managing customer onboarding processes, to streamlining complex IT operations and accelerating order-to-cash operations, Work-Relay’s intuitive interface and extensive automation capabilities make it indispensable for organizations looking for improved Salesforce workflow coordination.  

Unleash the power of Work-Relay for your use case.

Customer Successes

“Since we started utilizing Work-Relay we are able to troubleshoot and get ahead of orders that are running late to get them back on track. As a result, our senior management meetings have become delightfully boring.”

Cynthia Rhodes

Operations Manager-Rugs Division | Perennials and Sutherland

“We utilize standardized Work-Relay forms to provide a consistent front-end experience for the sales team. No matter which factory they are working with, the process feels the same. However, behind the scenes, Work-Relay processes and workflows are established for each factory, allowing their consistent quote creation processes to remain intact.”

Julien De Matteis

Manager CRM Service | TC Transcontinental Packaging

“Work-Relay has been a 100% game-changer in our ability to establish a project completion timeframe and complete projects on time. Basically, it lets us create a plan and stick to it. This is one reason we are growing so quickly.”

Karen M Dias

Director Wireless Service Delivery | Uniti Fiber