Premium Staffing Resources

providing a flawless experience

From boutique to enterprise, legal practices of all sizes can put the hassles of attrition, onboarding, and recruiting in the rearview mirror. Our premium staffing service provides dedicated legal resources who are trained and ready to put their skills to work.

Neostella’s premium legal staffing professionals:

Are full time
Neostella employees

Complete thorough
background checks

Speak fluent

Work from secure
near-shore offices

Use reliable Neostella
IT equipment

The Benefits of Utilizing Neostella Legal Staffing Resources

Having a skilled and reliable team for meeting your clients’ needs is critical. This short video explores the benefits of outsourcing legal staffing support.

Which staffing option is best for your practice?

Legal Staffing Use Cases

Case Manager

Call Center

QC Reviewer

Digital Reception

Customer Support

Intake Specialist

Data Entry

Mailroom Manager

Data Clean Up

Premium resources start at $30/hour; 20-50 hours per week.