Neostella and Filevine Introduce Seamless Document Sharing with Vinebots File Sync

Filevine and Neostella strengthen their partnership with the launch of Vinebots File Sync, a document backup solution for Filevine customers.

December 7, 2023We are excited to announce an expanded partnership with Filevine to introduce Vinebots File Sync, a cutting-edge solution that provides a real-time replica of all documents uploaded in Filevine to a storage environment controlled by the customer. This allows firms to maintain backup access to their files in the cloud, proving valuable for disaster recovery purposes or when needing to quickly access large files or provide local file copies for certain third party applications.

“We’re thrilled to unveil File Sync, a game-changing Vinebots automation that fulfills the evolving needs of modern law firms. File Sync provides a seamless and secure solution for the bi-directional synchronization of Filevine documents in near real-time,” said Matt Lautz, Neostella’s Founder and CEO. “Equally important, this launch marks a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership with Filevine, showcasing our shared commitment to advancing legal technology and providing our clients with the innovative and reliable solutions they seek.”

Vinebots File Sync for Filevine

With Vinebots File Sync, Filevne users can enjoy one-way or two-way sync of their Filevine documents to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket. One-way sync allows for offline document backup and real-time local file access, and two-way sync allows files to be written back to Filevine when files are updated or added via a shared network drive. This enables the use of local files for certain applications while maintaining Filevine’s powerful document management capabilities.

To ensure the utmost security and control over content, the File Sync Vinebot also offers the feature of syncing with Active Directory. This allows firms to control access to specific folders using access control list (ACL) policies, ensuring that only authorized individuals or groups can view and interact with the content.

“I’m very excited to see the release of Neostella’s File Sync for Filevine to complement the robust Filevine product suite and platform,” said Aaron Jophlin, Managing Partner at Bell Legal Group. “With the massive amount of data that moves through Bell’s Mass Tort department, utilizing Neostella File Sync has opened up the potential for speedy document review, retrieval, and transmission via a direct 2 way shared network drive that is connected to Filevine in near real time – a must for any firm in our opinion!”

Neostella’s Partnership with Filevine

Vinebots File Sync is not the first display of partnership between Filevine and Neostella. Since 2022, Neostella’s legal and technology experts have offered industry-leading Filevine implementation and automation support, helping Filevine customers maximize the power of their legal tech stack. Neostella can help manage the entire Filevine implementation process, offering support throughout and addressing optimization needs to ensure a smooth and productive experience for users. Neostella’s legal experts bring their deep understanding of legal processes and regulatory requirements, enabling Filevine to be highly customized to specific legal workflows.

In addition to implementation support, Neostella also provides automation expertise. Automation experts bring technical knowledge in configuring and deploying software solutions and harnessing the power of automation tools, including Vinebots, Neostella’s automation platform that operates within Filevine. The platform triggers bots to complete common, repetitive tasks either on a scheduled basis or in response to specific events within Filevine. Using a pre-built library of automations, Vinebots can be used to streamline legal case management operations, increase efficiency, and reduce manual work.

“As we remain committed to providing best-in-class, highly configurable support for our growing customer base, we are increasingly grateful for partners like Neostella who make support and services at scale possible,” said Filevine’s VP of Customer Strategy, Justin Witt. “Our customers deserve nothing less than innovative products combined with stellar service, and Neostella helps make that possible.”

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Learn more about Vinebots File Sync for Filevine and how it can help your firm backup documents in Filevine.

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December 7, 2023

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