Neostella Earns UiPath Diamond Partner Status

January 7, 2022



According to its source, “diamond” originates from the Greek word Adamas, which means indestructible. Known for its rarity, brilliance, and clarity, the diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance that has withstood the test of time.

A diamond is more than just a tangible object, though. It is considered the pinnacle of all gems. A symbol of something greater, the diamond represents the very best and brightest achievement one can accomplish.  

It makes sense then that the highest accolade within the UiPath Robotic Process Automation ecosystem would be the naturally fitting title of Diamond Partner. 

Neostella is proud to announce that we have joined an elite group of companies in the Americas that are now both UiPath Service Network Certified and a Diamond Partner, all in just a little over two years into our existence.  

“When I started Neostella, I always had the goal of building a world class and global RPA and development organization. The validation from UiPath of honoring us as a Diamond Partner is a compliment to the incredible team members and customers that we have,” said Matt Lautz, CEO and Founder of Neostella. 

So, What Exactly Does Diamond Level Mean?

A Diamond level UiPath partner is defined as one who has a well-established RPA practice, has made significant sales, has technical investments, and has superior knowledge in delivering the end-to-end UiPath hyperautomation platform solution.

Earning this title puts Neostella even more on the global map and is a testament to our expertise and dedication to the rapidly growing RPA field.  

A little over two years of hard work and support from our clients and employees has shaped us into our own kind of diamond in the UiPath network of partners. Among our achievements is earning over 250 UiPath certifications.

What’s Next for Neostella?

At this point in our growth, the world is our oyster. We strive for excellence in our field and will continue to do so. Just because we have earned Diamond Partner does not mean we won’t continue to finesse and shine that diamond to become even brighter. We are excited for more milestones and accomplishments in the years to come.  

To learn more about Neostella and earning Diamond partner status, read the official press release: