Prebuilt RPA Solutions

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What is a Prebuilt Automation?

Prebuilt RPA solutions are automations designed by our expert RPA developers to provide solutions for common use cases. Our prebuilt solutions can be easily implemented and deployed with little customization needed for individual organizations. Designed to be compatible with both user interfaces and APIs, we can simply match to your business processes to make adoption easy. 

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Loan Payoff Request

Our one-of-a-kind prebuilt automation for loan payoff requests reassigns the dialing to bots, so your employees can focus on higher-value work.

Closing Disclosure

Neostella’s prebuilt closing disclosure (CD) automation extracts data for insertion into Loan Origination or Title Management Systems consistently and accurately.

Investor Stipulations

Our investor stipulations process enables RPA bots to watch for open stipulations/pending conditions and input those into borrower loan files.

Ordering Flood Certificates

The Neostella prebuilt RPA solution for automating ordering flood certifications saves your organization valuable time and resources.