Accelerate Order-to-Cash

on salesforce

Better Structure and Enhanced Visibility

Order-to-cash operations are the lifeblood of any organization. Work-Relay helps accelerate critical order-to-cash processes that often involve multiple stakeholders, departments, and external suppliers by providing enhanced structure and visibility within Salesforce. 


Automates the hand-off of information, documentation and products/services to eliminate errors.


Manages the delicate timing and task/process interdependencies involved in complex operations.


Synchronizes data among CRM, inventory management systems, accounting systems, and more.


Simplifies management of multiple product configurations, pricing, delivery preferences, and more.


Keeps stakeholders, departments, and external vendors on the same page with a bird’s eye view of project progress.

How Work-Relay Accelerates Order-to-Cash

Work-Relay creates the structure needed to keep complex order-to-cash operations on-track. The more complex your operations, the more your organization will benefit. Here’s how it works: