RPA Use Cases

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RPA Use Cases by Function

RPA for Accounts Payable

Reduce errors by deploying RPA bots to integrate with ERP systems and extract high volumes of data with Document Understanding.

RPA for Contact Centers

Implement contact center automation into workflows by utilizing RPA to assist agents, thereby improving average handle times and first call resolution.

RPA for Data Management

Utilize RPA bots to process data by downloading documents, accessing websites, and securely logging into systems with credentials.

RPA for Data Reconciliation

Reconcile high-volume transactions such as employee verifications and related party transactions against an ERP or other operating systems.



of workers say automation could eliminate six hours of redundant work each week



months until RPA payback was reported with 20% of full-time capacity provided by bots



of workers indicate that they would like
to learn RPA skills

The use cases for RPA are limitless.