Legal Automation Use Cases

for a more agile law practice

Explore legal automation use cases and see how to streamline operations so your firm can focus on what matters most: providing top-quality service to your clients.

RPA for Legal Industry

Utilizing Neostella’s consumption based RPA can help legal teams stay on top deadlines for negotiating and closing contracts while providing the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of clients, all while offering cost savings. Examples of RPA-eligible tasks include:

  • Building a log of regulatory changes
  • Automating conflict of interest disclosure and verification
  • Automatically backing up legal documents, improving audit trails
  • Reporting, verifying signatures, and migrating executed documents
  • Responding to common, recurring legal inquiries over email and providing answers in real time, 24/7

Legal Automation by the Numbers


lawyers report that legal technology improves the services they provide to clients



of work done by lawyers can be automated by existing technology


top legal challenges are case/contract management, automating routine tasks, and legal costs.