Optimizing Telecom Business Processes

Learn how a leading fiber optic provider optimized their telecom business processes in this customer success sto

Leading fiber optic provider tames increasing installation volume across 25,000 customer connections

In the telecommunications industry, with growth comes challenges. New products and services, expansion, various mergers and acquisitions, and increased project volume produce complex telecom business processes. Not to mention, according to Deloitte’s 2023 telecom industry outlook, there is a growing urgency to reduce resources, waste, and emissions from network operations, upgrades, and deployment.

These challenges proved difficult-to-manage for Uniti Fiber’s team of fiber installation project managers. Keep reading to learn how Uniti Fiber used Work-Relay, a native Salesforce solution, to apply process and operational excellence to optimize telecom business processes and tame increasing installation volume across 123,000 route miles, 7.1 million strand miles of fiber, over 25,000 customer connections.

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