Neostella Consumption Based RPA


General FAQs

Why does Neostella sell this way?

Our Consumption-Based Licensing (CBL) offering allows us to provide UiPath licensing to customers in the way that we have always wanted to—tailored to their unique, specific needs. We invested in this partnership with UiPath because both organizations saw a need in the SMB and Mid-Commercial markets to address concerns about barriers to entry and cost predictability for variable runtime volumes.

CBL enables us to analyze your current needs, as well as any future plans, and provide you with the runtime you need to successfully run your automations and accomplish your organization’s goals. This saves our customers money and allows them to scale at their own pace.

What makes this different from standard licensing?

While standard licensing is the right choice for some clients, for most, standard licensing provides far more bandwidth than they need and it sits unused. By being able to provide customers with fractional bots, burstable bots, and/or custom runtime bundles, the barrier to entry is lower and ROI is more attainable.

What are the benefits of licensing through Neostella’s Consumption Based RPA?

Neostella is able to offer a per-minute consumption-based model for our clients that:

  • Avoids the risk of “shelfware”
  • Offers bot bursting (aka dynamic scalability) at no additional cost
  • Gives clients access to a dedicated CBL support team comprised of experienced developers
  • Offers the ability to easily switch back to a direct licensing model upon renewal, if needed
  • Only takes a simple and speedy conversion from existing direct UiPath licensing

When would I make this switch from standard licensing to CBL?

The conversion to CBL licenses would be around the time of your current renewal/contract end date. However, we can determine the CBL package that’s right for you and even complete CBL paperwork at any time and then just use your current contract end date as the target date the conversion needs to be completed by.

How does this licensing scale if I find I need more bandwidth?

In traditional RPA licensing, the only way to increase bandwidth of time or concurrency is to add additional unattended bots at $10,000.00 each. Under CBL, we are able to provide you precise, incremental runtime for your needs, bringing the cost to be more in proportion with that amount. That added runtime can be added quickly and at any time, so you can continue to grow at the rate that works for you.

If I use up all my runtime, will my processes be shut off?

No—your processes would not be immediately terminated if you surpass your allocated runtime. Either a per minute charge could apply to any overages beyond your contracted amount or an additional bundle of minutes can be added to your account—whatever is best for your utilization! However, we actively monitor our CBL clients’ utilization where necessary to ensure that we alert you if your runtime is approaching your allocated amount, giving us time to assess exactly how much more you need.

Technical FAQs

If clients are sharing licensing, can others see my information?

All your information is secure and can only be seen by the people in your team that you define as administrators.

If clients are sharing licensing, is this less secure?

The use of shared licensing does not make the permissions to access UiPath Cloud less secure, only the people in your team will be able to access your automations. Through the system of roles and groups we can even segregate the information that your team members can access and give different levels of access according to your needs.

Are there any differences to our internal infrastructure to support CBL licensing compared to direct licensing?

All CBLs are supported by UiPath so there is no difference in terms of infrastructure.

Are there any UiPath licenses that aren’t able to be offered under CBL?

We have the most frequently used UiPath licenses and products across the platform, if your team needs something additional we can evaluate the acquisition to meet your needs.

What does the conversion process look like?

  1. Neostella meets with the customer’s technical team to determine which UiPath Cloud instances need to be converted.
  2. The customer provides access to the current organization for Neostella to perform the conversion process.
  3. Customer verifies that everything has been successfully converted and enters into a cycle of ongoing support from our team.
  4. Customer switches the URL in the UiPath assistants on their machines.

What if I have time-sensitive processes?

Any schedules, queues and/or time-sensitive triggers you currently have established will be carried over into the CBL environment. Additionally, there is no downtime during the conversion, so you won’t experience any interruption of your automations.

What type of support is available under CBL?

Neostella has team members dedicated to supporting the CBL program. As such, you will receive direct access to the people who can provide you assistance should you require any technical support. For more general, holistic support of your RPA program, Neostella also offers monthly support packages and time and materials support contracts, and up to 24/7 monitoring and support of your processes should you require it.