robotic process automation in banking

Stand Out From Your Competition with RPA

Robotic Process Automation in banking simplifies tedious processes, allowing for increased revenue capture, lowered operational costs, and strengthened risk management.

banking processes made easier with rpa

Made Easier

Neostella will work with you to develop RPA solutions that make doing business easier–for you and your customers. We work closely with you to ensure your unique banking process solutions are implemented properly, to train your team, and remain available for on-going support. Document Understanding is one of your top process solutions that can change how you do business. LEARN MORE ABOUT DOCUMENT UNDERSTANDING

  • Know Your Customer

    Streamline the tedious process of obtaining KYC data.

  • Mobile Deposit Hold

    Make the funds they need available to your customers faster.

  • Debit Card Fraud Dispute

    Resolve disputes on-time without adding employee hours.

rpa use cases for banking

Solutions to Help You Stay on Top of Your Compliance Game

Break free from compliance and regulatory burdens when you transition repetitive tasks to your error-free robotic workforce. RPA banking processes speed up tedious work, ensuring compliance, reducing costs, and increasing operational efficiency with your organization. With RPA, you’ll enjoy a competitive edge and more time to focus on the customer experience.

  • know your customer
  • mobile deposit holds
  • debit fraud dispute
  • The Challenge

    Banks are required to maintain Know Your Customer data for both new and existing accounts for anti-money laundering purposes. The process of obtaining and inputting this data into core banking systems is tedious, time consuming, and often customer unfriendly as their information ends up in a black hole of manual work.

    The Solution

    Allow RPA bots to take on the tedious process of KYC, including:

    • Listen for response of KYC document completion
    • Open KYC documents and reply back if data is missing or incomplete
    • Extract data and input to internal system
    • Progress to human involvement when needed

    The Result

    Automating your KYC process with bots:

    • Saves time
    • Ensures timely response to clients
    • Frees employees to spend more time on the high-value work they enjoy
  • The Challenge

    For many smaller or regional banks and credit unions, the determination of whether or not to release funds from mobile deposits to customers often requires human decision making. The process of making those determinations can be slow, and can only be made during scheduled employee hours. Customers may find waiting for their funds frustrating or even problematic.

    The Solution

    Bots take over the process of determining mobile deposit funds availability.

    • RPA bots check for new mobile deposits on a frequent, regular basis 24/7
    • Reads deposit details and makes a decision based on business rules
    • Immediately releases or places hold on funds based on those decisions

    The Result

    When moved from your human workforce to your robotic workforce, the process of determining mobile deposit holds becomes almost real time. That means:

    • Your human workforce has more time for higher impact work
    • A far superior customer experience
    • A point of difference when compared to similarly sized institutions who have not adopted RPA into their banking technology
  • The Challenge

    Debit card fraud disputes require the transfer of data from customer to internal system to Visa/MasterCard portals and back again. This is typically a slow manual process for smaller institutions, and resolving disputes within federally mandated timelines can mean extending employee schedules to meet those deadlines.

    The Solution

    The dispute process involves multiple cut and paste steps making it an appropriate candidate for Robotic Process Automation in banking.

    The Result

    Debit card disputes are completed within the federally mandated timelines for resolution without the need to add hours to employee schedules, while allowing your human workforce to focus on higher ROI initiatives.

Customer Story


The COVID-19 pandemic spurred the need for many industries to shift their way of thinking. For USALLIANCE, this full-service financial institution saw the need to improve organizational processes and challenges that were brought on by the pandemic. By partnering with Neostella, they were able to see immediate returns on time and money. Learn more about how we helped them craft an RPA solution unique to their business needs.