RPA Managed Services

a better way to RPA

Pay Per Solution

An affordable option that provides an automation solution to specific business challenges at a flat rate. Run the automation as much as needed. This option is most suitable for:

  • Processes that require more than one bot at a time
  • Processes that run frequently and with high volume
  • Organizations that could benefit from automating processes, and are looking to gain the organizational buy-in needed to invest in full-scale licensing by implementing RPA for limited uses

Pay Per Consumption

Starting as low as $0.25/minute, pay only for the time your bots are running. This option is ideal for:

  • Processes that are run regularly, but do not take long to complete
  • Processes with variable volume or that are subject to business ebbs and flows
  • Organizations that could benefit from automating processes, and are looking to establish proof of value before launching a full-scale automation practice.

RPA Managed Service Benefits

Expertise & Support

Neostella experts have extensive knowledge and experience in deploying and managing RPA solutions, ensuring smooth operations and timely assistance when needed.

Cost Efficiency

MSP eliminates upfront investment in RPA software licenses. Paying only a subscription fee reduces costs and improves financial flexibility for your business.


Neostella can quickly scale up or down the resources required to meet changing business requirements, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness of your RPA.

Faster Implementation

With frameworks in place for rapid deployment, our managed services eliminate RPA implementation challenges and accelerate timelines for faster time-to-value for our clients.

RPA Monitoring

Neostella takes care of monitoring our clients’ license usage, helping them maximize productivity.

Maximize Resources

Neostella’s RPA Managed Service allow focus for strategic initiatives and high-value tasks that drive innovation, improve customer experience, and boost competitive advantage.

RPA Managed Service by the Numbers



of organizations underestimate the cost of in-house RPA implementation



of in-house RPA developers have less than 3 years of experience



potential cost-savings vs. traditional RPA licensing

Take a Solutions Based Approach to Automation

Neostella CEO Matt Lautz shares his perspective on solution-based, managed robotic process automation at UiPath Forward V Event.

Find out if RPA Managed Service is right for you.

Choose the Right RPA Licensing Model

Direct Licensing Managed Service Licensing
Access to the global market’s leading RPA platform Neostella Check Icon Neostella Check Icon
Secure and compliant architecture Neostella Check Icon Neostella Check Icon
Potential for “shelfware” Neostella Check Icon
Per minute consumption-based licensing model Neostella Check Icon
Bot bursting (dynamic scalability) at no-extra cost Neostella Check Icon
Access to dedicated Neostella MSP support team comprised of experienced developers Neostella Check Icon
Easily add additional runtime minutes when needed Neostella Check Icon
No licensing minimums Neostella Check Icon