Key Ways Automation is Transforming Healthcare

Find out how Neostella’s RPA Managed Services and healthcare automation solutions can help your organization reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The digitization of the healthcare industry has skyrocketed over the past few years. Telehealth services have seen dramatic growth from pre-pandemic levels of 11% to present-day utilization of 76%. Despite this, healthcare service providers continue to battle rising pressures due to new technology, timely data processing, regulation compliance, and staffing shortages.

Hyperautomation provides solutions to overcome these challenging demands and free healthcare providers to focus on the important stuff: the people.

3 Ways Automation Streamlines Operations in the Healthcare Industry

Administrative Work

According to recent study results, 30% of healthcare workers say rising administrative tasks are leading to burnout. As a leading cause of the healthcare workforce shortage, burnout can be alleviated through robotic process automation solutions. RPA optimizes administrative workflows by automating time-consuming tasks including data entry and management, patient paperwork, and scheduling.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is a complex process that involves medical providers, patients, and payers. Digitizing data and automating processes within such as accounts payroll can improve the cycle seamlessly. Hyperautomation solutions such as RPA, process mining and BPM can optimize your RCM system end-to-end, from patient registration to payment and claims processing.

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare providers, pharmacies, medical insurance, and other health organizations must adhere to regulatory compliance standards. Automation bots help healthcare providers track compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, flag potential fraud, and enhance internal audit processes.

How Can Neostella Help Implement Automation Technologies in Healthcare?

Consumption Based RPA for Healthcare Organizations

While hyperautomation solutions present numerous benefits to organizations in the health industry, adopting such technologies does not come without challenges.

One of the top reasons that digital projects fail is mismanagement or lack of expertise. In fact, Stanford Medicine reports most healthcare workers don’t feel prepared to implement the innovations they say have the greatest potential benefit for patients.

That’s where our consumption based RPA comes in. We’ll handle the documentation, development, implementation, and maintenance of your automations, and let your organization focus on what matters most: members and patients.

Key Takeaway

With Neostella’s flexible, consumption based RPA licensing and hyperautomation solutions, your health organization can thrive in a digital landscape that is prepared for the rapid growth in the industry.

From optimized workflows, decreased risks, increased efficiency, and reduced costs, the benefits of automation in the healthcare industry are numerous.

Contact us today to discuss how your health organization can start benefitting from automation.



April 24, 2023

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