Transforming Mortgage Operations Through RPA

September 12, 2021

Customer Stories


A preview of the customer success story download regarding how Thrive Mortgage transformed their mortgage operations through RPA

Paving the Modern Way for Thrive Mortgage

Given that mortgage processes are repetitive, rule-based, and simple (though tedious!), they are perfect candidates for robotic process automation. With benefits including risk mitigation, streamlined service ordering, speedier investor stipulations, and faster closing disclosure—just to name a few—it’s no wonder RPA as a solution in the mortgage industry has skyrocketed over the last few years.  Thrive Mortgage was looking for a partner who could match their goal of speed to delivery, but also understood the unique challenges of the mortgage industry. Read on to discover how Thrive transformed its mortgage operations with automation and emerged as an early influencer of RPA technology in the mortgage industry.