business process management

Achieve Operational Excellence

While there’s a lot of buzz around automation, Business Process Management plays a crucial role in ensuring enterprises automate the right things and coordinate those automations with human workflows. Enter Work-Relay, an Neostella Product.


A Critical Piece of the Hyperautomation Pie

Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline organizations use to design and manage processes with the intent of continually improving business results. In today’s digital-first world, Business Process Management Suites (BPMS) are becoming increasingly important in organizations’ overall hyperautomation strategies by orchestrating automations and human workflows. Work-Relay, a Neostella Product, is a proven BPMS product for complex ecosystems, coordinating processes, people, and systems for operational excellence. Read more about Work-Relay to see what a powerful business operations platform can do for your organization.