Preparing Salesforce for AI: Strategies To Set You Up For Success

In this video discussion, Neostella teams up with experts from Salesforce Ben to discuss how to prepare Salesforce processes and data for AI. Tune into the conversation to learn strategies that will help you harness the full power of AI.

Is your company gearing up for the AI era? Consider this: AI isn’t magic, and if you don’t have strong processes and top-quality data you are setting yourself up for failure.

In this session, we join Salesforce Ben to dive into why having a rock-solid foundation is key to churning out the data you need. Plus, we provide tips for documenting your processes—including a demo that will show you how to get your ‘digital house’ in order.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how having clear, documented processes is essential for leveraging AI to its full potential.
  • Gain insights into strategies for optimizing existing processes to seamlessly integrate AI technologies.
  • Explore how accurate and well-structured data is the catalyst for AI-driven insights, decision-making, and innovation.
  • Hear strategies to enhance and maintain the integrity of your data assets by leveraging Salesforce Data Cloud to harness the power of the data they already own.
Don’t miss out on hearing first-hand accounts from an esteemed panel who have vast experience laying the groundwork for successful AI adoption. Watch now:

Prepare Salesforce Processes for AI

Want to prepare your Salesforce for the full power of AI?

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