Designing Effective Salesforce Process Maps

In this video discussion, we join experts from Salesforce Ben to discuss the importance of Salesforce process maps and how to build them.

Do you understand how to create a thorough and useful process map? They’re essential for visualizing your Salesforce environment, so getting them right is important.

In this video, we join experts from Salesforce Ben to discuss the essential insights needed for Salesforce Admins to build meticulous process maps and enable the understanding of intricate workflows within Salesforce. Plus, see a demo of an App Exchange app that uses visual representations to map out diverse processes, automations, and interactions within Salesforce.

Salesforce Admins, Analysts, and Architects, watch this video to discover a roadmap to improve operations, enhance communication, and optimize efficiencies within the Salesforce environment.

Salesforce Ben: Designing Process Maps for Salesforce Admins

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