IDC Analyst Brief: Taking Digitization of Operations to the Next Level

Read how businesses are taking the digitization of operations to the next level in this analyst brief from IDC.

Streamline and accelerate the digitization of business operations

As part of their digital transformation agendas, organizations the world over are racing ahead with business automation initiatives. According to a worldwide IDC survey of over 900 technology and business leaders, over 60% of organizations are prioritizing increased investment on automation and augmentation technologies to create adaptive business operations.

In this article from research firm IDC, analyst Neil Ward-Dutton explains how effective business operations depend on the ability to coordinate people and systems. Moreover, organizations that attempt to manage this work by emailing (or using other workarounds) create risks that are difficult to understand, and impossible to manage.

About the Writer

Neil Ward-Dutton, VP Automation, Analytics & AI Europe, IDC Research

Ward-Dutton is vice president, Automation, Analytics and AI, Europe at IDC, where he helps to shape the company’s research in these areas and help clients “join the dots” between these increasingly interwoven areas. Recognized as one of Europe’s most experienced and high-profile technology industry analysts, Neil regularly appears on TV and in print media. Additionally, throughout his 25-year industry analyst career, he has authored over 10 books on IT and business strategy.

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