Analyst Brief: Creating Strategy for Process Automation

This analyst brief explores how Work-Relay provides strategy for process automation.

Work-Relay’s Work Management Approach to Process Automation

Work-Relay sits at the intersection of the process automation and project management technology. Work-Relay’s project management approach to process automation focuses on overcoming common points of failure that typically disrupt and destabilize mission-critical work.

Most vendors that offer automation technology do not include project management tools to organize the effort needed to automate processes. Likewise, most project management tools lack workflow orchestration tooling, and are unsuitable as automation platforms.

In an effort to create competitive advantage, enterprises try to do things differently than their rivals, or they do different things that customers recognize as superior. This usually requires custom processes, such as when developing new products or building out infrastructure to serve new geographic markets. These types of processes need both automation and project management capabilities to control the resources required to create and automate custom processes on time and within budget. Work-Relay offers a unified platform to do just that—find out how it can help create strategy for process automation in this analyst brief download.


Carl Lehman, Senior Research Analyst, Automation and Integration at 451 Research

Carl Lehmann is a Senior Research Analyst in the Automation and Integration at 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. He leads 451 Research’s coverage of process automation and integration in hybrid IT and cloud-native architectures, as well as how hybrid IT affects business strategy and operations. The markets covered in his research include digital automation platforms (including workflow and business process management suites), robotic process automation technology, process discovery and mining technology, and hybrid integration platforms (including iPaaS and API management).

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