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Service With an “Automation First” Mindset

Neostella can help you harness the power of both Filevine and hyperautomation for cutting-edge legal case management that will give you a competitive edge.

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Filevine + Automation

Unlike most other Filevine implementation partners, Neostella offers hyperautomation expertise that extends beyond implementation. This enables us to take a holistic approach to your implementation, structuring your Filevine case management software to best leverage the benefits of other automation technologies as well as your existing tech stack –– giving you the most from your investment. 

Our core areas of expertise include:

Whether your legal firm or department employs any of these technologies now or plans to in the future, we’ll structure your Filevine case management software to ensure that it integrates seamlessly for ease of use, future scalability, and maximum overall benefit.

introducing vinebots

Prebuilt Filevine-Native Automation Solutions

Vinebots is a cutting-edge automation platform created by Neostella that makes using Filevine streamlined and simple – so you reap maximum convenience from your investment. Even better, with Vinebots, you never have to leave Filevine to create, configure, or manage your Vinebots.

With your platform subscription, you will immediately have access to two of the following automation:

  • Get incident weather reports directly related to case files
  • Copy project – Seeds your project data with one click
  • Change project phases in context
  • Duplicate any collection items on demand
outlaw implementation

For Your Contract Management Needs

In addition to Fileveine implementation services, Neostella also offers Outlaw Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) implementation services. We take the same automation-first approach to ensure that your Outlaw instance is built from the ground-up to integrate seamlessly with your technology stack for a best in class user experience and maximum efficiency.

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easy to manage implementation structure

Four Options, Unlimited Flexibility

The thought of an implementation can be daunting, with deadlines, timelines, and necessary preparation that even seasoned managers often find overwhelming. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. We’ve designed our Filevine implementation services to meet you where you’re at, providing the time and support you need when you need it, alleviating major implementation pain points that many managers face. Our tiered structure enables you to select the package size best suited to your needs and allows you the flexibility to scale up or scale down each month as your needs fluctuate. Here’s how it works:

  • Select a Plan

    We’ll help you choose the implementation package appropriate for your business needs and timelines.

  • Start Building

    Start your Filevine implementation, without worrying about surprise upcharges.

  • Assess and Adjust

    Together, we will assess the pace of your project and adjust your package for the subsequent month if needed.

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