Managing Repetitive Projects in Salesforce

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Restore Your Bottom-Line

If you’re still managing repetitive projects as traditional projects, you’re severely limiting your capabilities. In fact, you could be losing 10% of your bottom-line by investing in projects that are poorly managed. This download is your guide to finding the ideal tool to help you restore your bottom-line by managing repetitive Salesforce projects through process-driven management.

While a project is a unique concept, a repetitive project is a series of pre-defined processes. Because of this, repetitive projects can benefit from a system designed for process management, with features such as complex dependencies, visualization tools, rules, forms, and database integration. This added power will accelerate time to value, reduce costs, and increase flexibility. 

This guide will show you how to:

  • Differentiate traditional projects from process-driven projects
  • Take control of your repetitive projects in Salesforce
  • Restore your bottom-line with a Salesforce-native tool
  • Handle processes of any size or complexity all in one place

A Guide to Managing Repetitive Projects in Salesforce